Youth Activities and Resources

Learn more about water and watersheds! Click on the links below to get started!

Know Where It Goes
A poster showing how we affect water quality in our rivers through house hold use.

Cows, Fish & Cattle Dogs Kid's Activities
This is a fun activity book that can be printed out and given to children to help them learn and understand about the riparian system.

Yellowfish Road

A short video describing the yellow fish road program, which is a program aimed at urban children to help them learn about storm water systems. The program gives resources that allow children to go out and paint storm sewers to highlight awareness that only rainwater should be put into the storm sewer system. The Battle River Watershed Alliance is a local partner of Yellow Fish Roads and can help facilitate a storm drain painting in your neighbourhood! 

Water Conservation around the House

An interactive map that allows you to move through different rooms in a typical house and see where the most water is used and how to conserve it. There are many simple facts about household water use and waste to learn about.

Drinking Water Cycle

A website with links for both teachers and students. There are lots of games and activities as well as a list of resources for information on drinking water and water related topics, such as health.

Animated Water Cycle
A short animated clip outlining the four stages of the water cycle- Rain, Water Storage, Vapor, and Clouds.

Learning about the Water Cycle
A great website to help you explore all there is to know about the water cycle!

Pollution Prevention for Kids

This webpage has lots of suggestions for how young people can help prevent pollution.

The Human Solution to Water Pollution video

A short video where you are an alien who has come to study the Earth. He lands in a desert biome, an area that has significant water pollution, and he tries to make sense of it.  He then follows a class of children to see what they are learning about how to protect their watershed.

Best Management Practices Animation - Featuring Robocow

An animated clip featuring a ‘superhero’ Robocow, who comes to an area to find and clean up water pollution. Robocow finds a number of problems created by humans and their agricultural practices, which she fixes in order to ensure that the water supply is kept clean.

Science Seekers Game-Wetlands 
A wetland is any place where the land is soaked with water for long enough to create its own ecosystem. Wetland ecosystems are filled with numerous different types of producers and consumers. Let's check them out! 

Science Seekers Game- Ecosystem Health
The condition of an ecosystem is often reflected by it's biodiversity and, the number of species in that ecosystem. There are a number of factors, human and non-human that affect the health of an ecosystem. Constant monitoring can be used to help understand and keep ecosystems healthy.

Science Seekers Game- Grasslands
Grassland ecosystems, as the name suggests, are dominated by a variety of grasses. There are two types of grasslands: tropical and temperate. Tropical grasslands stay warm all year round, while temperate grasslands, like the ones in Canada, cycle through a range of seasonal temperatures. Grasslands have great capabilities to support an extensive diversity of life.

Catchment Detox - (An online game out of Australia)
A catchment is the Australian word for watershed.
Play Catchment Detox to see if you successfully manage a river catchment and create a sustainable and thriving economy.  

It's an online game where you're in charge of the whole catchment. You get to decide what activities you undertake - whether to plant crops, log forests, build factories or set up national parks. The aim is to avoid environmental problems and provide food and wealth for the population.  Managing a watershed is a huge challenge with climate change, increased demand for water and environmental problems putting our rivers under stress. Catchment Detox gives an idea of just how difficult it is to manage a river catchment. Are you up for the challenge?


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