WMP Steering Committee

Committee Purpose:

The purpose of the Watershed Management Plan (WMP) Steering Committee is to oversee and support the watershed management planning process for the Alberta portions of the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds, as per the Battle River and Sounding Creek Watershed Management Planning Process (Phase 2) Terms of Reference.

The watershed management planning process will result in broad, watershed-wide policy directions supported by subwatershed-specific recommendations for best management practices that achieve policy alignment and implementation. These policy directions and supporting recommendations for best management practices will be laid out in policy and guideline documents for each watershed management component.

Committee Goals:

The WMP Steering committee will:

  • Identify and prioritize watershed management components to be considered in the watershed management planning process (including but not limited to water quality, water quantity, wetlands and riparian areas, biodiversity and land management)
  • Work with the WMP working group to develop watershed-wide policy directions and subwatershed-specific policy and management recommendations for each watershed management component
  • Support the formation of subwatershed stakeholder advisory groups and ensure that all stakeholder groups have an opportunity to provide input into the draft policy directions and recommendations
  • Advance draft policy and guideline documents to the BRWA Board of Directors for final approval.
  • Coordinate with all BRWA committees to increase public awareness and involvement in watershed management planning within BRWA boundaries.

Recent Activities:

See the map below for the dates, times and locations of recent workshops, presentations and council briefings related to state of the watershed reporting and watershed management planning.

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Rolling Down the River EventWolf Creek WMP Meeting