Watershed Management


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The BRWA has developed watershed management recommendations on the topics of drought, non-point source pollution, source water protection, riparian areas, wetlands, and non-native and invasive species. Click on the links below to learn more!

We are also currently working on the topics of habitat conservation and management and point-source pollution management.


Watershed management recommendations will be developed for each of the 12 components outlined in the diagram below. This diagram also shows our progress to-date:


The watershed sustainability image in the middle of the above diagram represents the three key building blocks of our watershed: our environment, our society, and our economy. Our environment - this watershed, the place we call home - is the foundation upon which our communities and economy rest. A healthy natural environment supports vibrant communities and a viable economy over the long term. Our use of resources must be compatible with the capacity of ecosystems to provide ecological goods and services.

The Battle River Watershed Alliance is in the process of developing a watershed management plan for the Alberta portions of the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds. The purpose of this watershed management plan is to develop recommendations for policy directions and management practices that lead to the long-term sustainability of our watersheds.

The Battle River Watershed Management Planning Process is divided into two phases. Visit the Process Overview page to learn more about each phase.

Phase Two is being led by the Battle River Watershed Alliance. This Phase looks at various components of watershed management, as outlined in the figure below.

Over the coming months and years, management recommendations will be developed for each of these components using the process outlined here. We rely on watershed residents, stakeholders, and decision-makers to help us develop these recommendations and then make them a reality.


You can become involved in the watershed management planning process in a number of ways:

  • Learn more. If you or your organization/group would like to have us come talk to you about the work of the BRWA and the current state of our watershed, let us know. Give our office a call (780.672.0276) or email BRWA Watershed Planning Coordinator, Sarah Skinner, at sarah@battleriverwatershed.ca.
  • Share your perspective. Check our events page for upcoming watershed management workshops near you, or contact us to share your thoughts.
  • Receive our newsletter. Contact us to let us know if you'd like to receive an email or paper copy of our quarterly newsletter.