Drought Management

Reports now available: 

Understanding the Policy Context for Drought Management in the Battle River and Sounding Creek Watersheds

Drought Adaptation and Management Policy Advice

Drought Adaptation and Management Implementation Guidelines


Update on Preparing for Extremes Community Meeting:
Over 20 people braved the snow and gathered in Forestburg on January 30th to discuss and plan drought adaptation and management.  All four teams in our Invitation Drought Tournament came up with innovative means of addressing future drought concerns pertaining to the social, ecological, and economic impacts of drought.

Several reports have been developed as part of the drought management component of the BRWA’s watershed management planning (WMP) process.  This includes the Policy Context Report (completed June 2012) and the Policy Advice and Implementation Guidelines documents (final drafts completed March 2013).  The Watershed Management Plan committee will now review the latter two documents over the coming months, followed by final engagement opportunities for stakeholder input. This input will then be incorporated into the documents before they are finalized.

It is never “FINAL”. The creation of the “final” documents does not mean that this is all written in stone.  The BRWA employs adaptive management. This means that if what we have proposed does not work, we re-evaluate it, ask watershed residents and stakeholders what should be done differently, and modify what needs to be done so that it does work, or is improved. At the BRWA, we are always interested in hearing from watershed residents about what they value and how they envision that playing out in our work.

The work of Drought Adaptation and Management is not over. Implementing the policy advice and guidelines will be on-going in the years to come.  The BRWA is committed to working with those who want to see the plan in action!


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