Traversing Terrain and Experience Atlas

The Traversing Terrain & Experience Atlas is a brand new publication developed by the Battle River Watershed Alliance. This beautiful, 11” x 11” hardcover, sewn binding book contains 120 pages of local content. It makes a beautiful coffee table book or gift!

This is no ordinary atlas; this is a compilation of stories, art, photography, geography, and interesting facts that make our home unique.  It blends the science with the social, it reflects on how the land has shaped us, and how we have shaped the land. It expands our understanding of place, as it takes you through the story of a landscape rich in history, culture, resources, and inspiration.

By reading through this atlas you will come to understand the deep and profound relationship between the land, water, people and all living beings. You will see the interconnection between our environment and our economy. You will learn more about the communities which make up this region, and the extraordinary people who call this place home.

The Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds region is expansive and diverse. We have tried to balance the content of this atlas to ensure equal representation from urban and rural perspectives, from the western headwaters to the eastern confluence, from the northern parkland to the southern grassland, from past, to present, to future. The potential topics and stories are endless.

A few examples of Atlas topics are:

Climate and Weather, Land Restoration, Energy Choices, Edible plants, Labour and Economy, Arts and Culture, Urbanization, Water Sources, Fish and Wildlife, Agriculture, and so many more.  


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Buy one copy for $35, including GST.  If you buy 5 or more copies, get them for $30 each!

To save you money on shipping, we will be delivering copies of the Atlas to communities across our watershed at the end of November. Once you have submitted your order (in the form below), we will contact you with delivery/pick-up options.


Thank you for supporting the work of the BRWA, and sharing your love of this place with others!  

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