Traversing Terrain and Experience Atlas

Ours is a landscape rich in history.  The hills of the Battle River and Sounding Creek Watersheds – Driedmeat, Blackfoot, Neutral, Flagstaff, Maskwa, Drumming, Eagle and Cut Knife – provide a backdrop for the unfolding of lives lived full of courage and tragedy, heroism and heartbreak.  For thousands of years this landscape has witnessed the retreat of glaciers, the arrival of First Nations, the arrival of the Fur Trade, the arrival of European settlers, and the recent creation of modern cities. 

Traversing Terrain and Experience will reorient the concept of an Atlas as a technocratic or science based approach to map making and presentation to one in which the understanding of place more fully integrates the sensibilities and experiences of people who live in and experience the landscape every day.  Ultimately, this project will seek to connect people to place by exploring the connections between landscape and experience. 

Draft pages of the Atlas Transportation pages
Draft Transportation pages from the Atlas 

However, the atlas will go beyond the traditional boundaries of the printed map to incorporate experiences of people in the landscape.  We will achieve this through the profiling of people, organisations and projects, their places, art, poetry and history to build a robust understanding of, and connection to place. 


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