Phase 1: Water Quantity (Approved Water Management Plan for the Battle River Basin)

As the ministry charged with water management, Alberta Environment initiated Phase 1 of the Watershed Management Planning Process for the Battle River in 2004.

Phase 1 involved the development of an Approved Water Management Plan for the Battle River Basin, and was led by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD). Water quantity in the Battle River watershed is the focus of Phase 1. See the terms of reference for  an overview of this phase.

On July 23, 2014, the Approved Water Management Plan for the Battle River Basin (Alberta) was approved by Order in CouncilKey recommendations contained in the plan include:

    • Setting a water allocation limit;
    • Establishing a Water Conservation Objective;
    • Enabling transfers of water from existing licences for new uses; and
    • Introducing Water Conservation Holdbacks for the Battle River Basin.

***To download the Approved Plan, click here.
***To read a brief "highlights" summary of the plan,
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Municipal forums and public workshops were held from January-April 2013 in order to gain broad public input on the draft plan. The results of this public engagement are summarized in a "What We Heard" report. Check it out here.

***To check out the powerpoint presentation given at the municipal forums and public workshops, click here.


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